Marco Boer, Vice President at IT Strategies shares the three things everyone should know about inkjet in this informational blog posting in INKLINGS. The three important facts every commercial offset printer should know about inkjet include:

  1. Inkjet technology is a well-established one that is reliable and proven on the substrates it has traditionally printed on. But it’s too early in the journey to expand the range of substrates on which inkjet technology can print. While it took offset technology nearly 100 years to become as versatile as it has in terms of being able to print on virtually any paper or substrate, it may take inkjet just a decade to be able to print on an unlimited range of papers.
  2. Inkjet technology is based upon a complex science, where mechanics (print heads), chemistry (ink), physics (jetting 40,000+ droplets per second), and software (color management) all have to act in unison. Introduce one inferior piece into the equation and the output suffers. Inks are the hardest working part of the system, which makes them more complicated to manufacture than offset inks. They require a premium and will always be more expensive than offset inks. This means printers must accept a new business model when running this technology. You remove most of the prepress costs, the inventory and inventory waste costs, but, in exchange, your cost of inkjet ink per liter increases significantly to guarantee the maximum uptime, performance and output quality. In the end, all that matters is whether or not you can make a greater profit from using inkjet technology than traditional offset technology, regardless of how the business cost model is put together.
  3. While reliable, like any mechanical device, it will need service at some point. Be sure to choose a manufacturer who has a network of service people in place near your location.