FUJIFILM 800 Series UV Flexo Coatings

The 800 specialty UV Flexo Varnish ink line series from Fujifilm was developed with a wide range of standard aniloxes depending on specific job requirements, and is compatible with all plates designed to work with UV based inks. The 800 specialty UV Flexo varnish line includes:

  • Velvet Touch Varnish
  • Tactile Varnish
  • Non-slip Varnish
  • High Resist Clear
  • High Resist Clear with no Optical Brightener
  • Imprintable Varnish
  • Matte Clear
  • Scuff Resistant Clear
  • Super Scuff Resistant Clear
  • High Rub Chemical Resistant
  • Hi-Gloss Clear
  • Hi-Gloss Clear with no Optical Brightener

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