Printing News_image_webThe Acuity Select HS 30 Series, from FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division is a high-speed addition to the popular Acuity Select series. Capable of printing at speeds of our, the new HS 30 offers all the benefits of this hugely popular and successful Acuity UV flatbed printer series, including superb versatility, near-pAcuity Select HS 30_webhotographic image quality, excellent ease of use, and the ability to produce a wide variety of applications on a range WFS Top Products Logo 2017 (3)_WEBof substrates up to 2-in. thick (as well as thinner and sensitive media due to its UV lamp technology). Pictured above right, Heather Roden, right, Fujifilm product manager for the Acuity Series, accepts award from Kelley Holmes, group publisher, SouthComm, at ISA Sign Expo 2017, in Las Vegas. Features of this Acuity include: enhanced print quality with the option of using light cyan and light magenta – ideal for producing photographic images or fine art reproductions; a new pneumatic pin registration system for quick and easy media loading; an automated printhead maintenance system; an enhanced high-pressure vacuum system that reduces the need for masking of the bed. Available in two channel variations – 6 and 8 channels, across six new models, and in the standard (49.6 x 98.8) and X2 (98.8 x 121.7) print-bed sizes. A roll option is available for each.