The Acuity F is a dedicated UV flatbed press

FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division will debut on the show floor at SGIA Expo 2014 the Acuity F, an all-new dedicated UV flatbed designed specifically for the display and signage market.

As the newest flatbed press to join the Acuity platform, show attendees visiting Fujifilm booth # 2454 will see the Acuity F produce exceptional print quality at speeds over 1,668 ft2 per hour.

The Acuity F, typically configured with six colors + white, maintains all the advantages of the popular and successful Acuity line-up, including near-photographic image quality, versatility and ease of use; but also has been optimized for the efficient and high speed production of rigid media applications.

NGS Printing, an Elgin, Illinois-based print provider is the first location in North America to purchase the Acuity F flatbed UV press.

“The Acuity F is a great blend of ultra-high quality and speed.  We look forward to expanding our capabilities with this new press,” said Erik Landrowski, COO, NGS Printing.

Highlights of the Acuity F include the dual print zones, each with its own vacuum system which can be used independently to allow printing on substrates of up to 3.05m (120 inches) x 2.5m (98.5 inches), 50.8mm (2 inches) thick. Non-stop production is possible as one board can be staged while the other is being printed.

The Acuity’s true flatbed architecture supports the broadest range of rigid media, including irregular shapes, heavy, smooth or pre-cut materials up to two inches thick. It also allows for the production of multi-layered applications, double-sided or large prints over multiple boards in perfect register, and edge-to-edge printing.

The print performance of the Acuity F is optimized by Fujifilm’s uniquely formulated Uvijet inks. Incorporating the proprietary ‘Micro-V’ dispersion technology consistently delivers wide adhesion, superb color vibrancy and excellent durability in every print.

“The addition of registration pins on the all-new Acuity F allows for quick and easy positioning, plus the stronger vacuum helps with more difficult substrates like corrugated material. In addition, the Automatic Maintenance System (AMS) for the print heads helps automate maintenance, maximizing productivity,” said Heather Roden, associate product marketing manager, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division. “With the Acuity F, we focused on achieving higher performance without sacrificing the print quality that customers expect from the Acuity.”

Be sure to visit Fujifilm and their “Now You Can” themed booth, # 2454, at SGIA Expo 2014.

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