Improved profitability and new jobs are positively affecting their bottom lineacuprint_j-press-720s_sam-sowlaty_web

FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division announces the recent install of the J Press 720S at Acuprint, a Los Angeles, California-based print services provider specializing in high-quality short-run and print-on-demand catalogs, pocket folders, display signage, commercial marketing collateral, and booklets.

“We had been looking for an efficient digital press that would serve our ever-growing short-runs,” said Sam Sowlaty, pictured right, owner, Acuprint. “We were not able to be competitive with price-points due to the limitations of producing short runs on our litho presses, and we struggled with color matching on short-run and repeat jobs. With Fujifilm’s J Press 720S, we no longer have to worry about color matching. Knowing we can meet our customer’s expectations gives us tranquility in a fast-paced environment.”

With a 29.6-inch x 20.9 inch sheet and an output of 2,700 sheets per hour, Fujifilm’s second generation sheetfed J Press 720S ij-press-720s_1-5-2017_fujifilms an ideal solution for printers like Acuprint who are looking for a product that features the quality and robustness of an offset press, and the versatility to handle even the shortest of press runs.acuprint-logo-4c-1

Sowlaty has been involved in print since 1982, upon his graduation from the University of Southern California, and knows quality output when he sees it. Sowlaty visited Fujifilm’s Chicago Technology Center, and he experienced hands-on demonstrations of the J Press 720S, and was able to see in-person its color consistency, using various substrates with a number of his own different print files. When he compared those samples to litho, the motivating factors in his decision to purchase the J Press 720S were the offset-like quality and color consistency.

Time and labor also added up quickly when running short run jobs on their offset presses, making those jobs inefficient and costly.

“Our jobs on litho would involve hours of color matching, along with averaging thousands of dollars in labor and make-ready waste. With the J Press 720S there is no need for that extra overhead. It’s a game-changer,” said Sowlaty.

New jobs are now positively affecting the bottom line at Acuprint, and their customers are truly enthusiastic about the output from the J Press 720S. “Previously, we had many opportunities for new jobs, but we just couldn’t manage them. The J Press 720S is a definite advantage that ‘fills the gap’ and enables us to move more and more jobs from offset to the J Press 720S. We are able to get more work due to the color consistency of Fujifilm’s J Press 720S. No other press on the market can produce the same color consistency,” says Sowlaty.

In order to maximize the color fidelity and repeatability of the J Press 720S, Acuprint has developed custom color profiles on their J Press 720S to enable the highest level of color matching between their offset and J Press print platforms.

“Fujifilm is a great company, we’ve run their plates for a long time, and their high quality products are an anchor in my facility,” adds Sowlaty. “We are very satisfied, Fujifilm is always proactive, and the (J Press 720S) install was very smooth.”

“The sky’s the limit with the J Press 720S,” concludes Sowlaty.

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