It seems like everything we hear today is about digital communications. Email, blogs, and social media seem to be the only focus of marketing efforts by big brands and retailers. What about traditional marketing?

Today I received a Google AdWords offer. In the mail.

So why is Google using direct mail? Knowing Google, they probably have data that proves it works. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has data. They recently reported that direct mail has a 4.4 percent response rate, compared to a 0.12 percent rate for email. That’s 10 to 30 times higher for direct mail as a marketing medium.

The DMA also did a study asking people how they preferred to receive business communication, and 69 percent preferred direct mail.

That doesn’t mean you should only use direct mail. In fact, 76 percent of small to medium-sized businesses report their ideal marketing strategy is to employ print and online marketing together.

Print service providers (PSPs) are ideally positioned to leverage the resurgence of direct mail and turn it into profit. The key to developing a successful direct mail business is learning how to collect, mine, and use robust data in campaigns. Targeting the correct prospects, learning their preferred communications channels, and offering them something that is personally relevant to them will help ensure the success of a campaign.

So how can you target the right prospects with relevant information and an offer that will help drive sales and increase profits? Consider the advantages of digital print. Digital print enables print providers to use variable data and variable images to better target prospects with relevant information. Pairing data from online marketing with variable print capabilities can result in a highly targeted and successful direct mail campaign.