With the start of a new year, experts are weighing in on what upcoming trends may help label converters deal with the ever-increasing challenges of competitiveness reaching new highs as overall margins approach record lows. One recent article at labelandlabeling.com offers up several solutions to assist converters in streamlining their processes to gain a clear competitive advantage through increased efficiencies and cost savings.

In the article, Label and Packaging Market Looks Forward to 2015, the authors offer up compelling information supporting these industry trends as well as new, more efficient technologies now available to converters. Perhaps the most interesting is the concept of “Hybrid Printing” which is the marriage between analog and digital technologies. The ability for converters to print a job using analog, digital, or a combination of both all in line on the same machine delivers many competitive advantages.

For example, before Hybrid Printing, a job requiring a flood coat of white ink behind the design and having a variable would force converters to print digitally. However, digital white inks are typically more expensive than their flexo cousins. Using currently-available Hybrid technology allows converters to run a flexo white ink flood pre-digital for a more competitive job price and then digitally running the design with variable data. Add in the fact that hybrid technologies can finish in-line using traditional flexo finishing methods, and the benefits are compounded further.

Fujifilm and our partner FFEI see hybrid technology as the future of label converting and with offerings such as the Graphium Hybrid digital press, today’s converter now has an in-line solution ready to spur a competitive advantage for 2015 and beyond. Andy Cook from FFEI was one of the contributing authors to this highly informative article.

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