See how the Illumina LED Retrofit System increases production speeds and significantly reduces energy costs.

Faster LED curing results in faster production speeds

Illumina COLDCURE sets a new standard for flexo printing speed on standard paper and film stock – potentially doubling your print speed compared to traditional UV or waterbase flexo options. The Illumina retrofit technology takes full advantage of the high performance Fujifilm 300 Series inks.

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How Illumina UV-LED drives down operating costs

The UV-LED COLDCURE is an instant on/off process, dramatically lowering the energy usage and stress on lamp bulbs experienced in conventional “always-on” UV mercury lamp curing. UV-LED also eliminates the costs generated by cooling air blowers, ozone extraction and heat makeup systems.

Illumina employs additional patented and patent-pending technology to achieve even greater savings, resulting in significant savings per retrofitted press per year.



Transform your production environment today

UV-LED flexo printing uses light-emitting diodes to convert electrical current into light without producing equipment-damaging and potential health-compromizing ozone emissions. Gone are the noisy exhaust fans and oppressive heat exhibited by traditional UV flexo presses. In addition, no more UV ink odor or mercury bulb disposal worries.