Offers the best quality in wide format digital inkjet printing

FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division announces the recent install of the Inca Onset X2, at Innomark, a Miamisburg, Ohio-based visual communications provider for retail signage, displays, and packaging; offering in-house design, printing, manufacturing and fulfillment capabilities.

“We’ve made tremendous advancements in our capacity, but we needed to replace antiquated equipment with a press that offers high quality and speed, not one or the other,” says Steve Zick, Executive Vice President, Innomark. “With the Onset X2, we have the high quality along with the speed; we did not have to compromise on either. Speinnomark-logo-2016ed and quality are absolutely the most defining features of the Onset X2.”

With a maximum throughput of 6,889 ft²/hour, equating to 128 beds per hour (126.8” x 63”) the Onset X2 is ideal for companies such as Innomark producing fast-turnaround retail graphics. As Innomark’s business expands, they can add ink channels to increase capacity and extend the range of jobs that can be produced efficiently. The addition of a third set of CMYK will deliver even higher productivity. A choice of unidirectional, bi-directional and super high-quality print modes can be selected depending on the specific job requirements.

“With the scalable architecture platform, our Onset X2 is upgradeable and will continue to meet our needs as business dictates,” said Mark Long, Vice President of Operations. “It will never be an outdated or disposable press.”

“The retail space for signage and display is the bulk of our business,” adds Zick. “We produce what consumers see inside stores; big window banners, signage at the check-out areas, directional signs, ceiling banners and the like. The Onset X2 allows us to successfully navigate the ever-shifting retail market and enables us to provide much higher-quality in-store signage and displays to our retail clients across the US.”steve-zick_innomark_web

The Innomark team did a lot of research prior to installing the Onset X2, and with a client list of well-known national retailers within industries including sporting goods, pet care, cellular, beverages, and women’s apparel with very stringent quality expectations. Pictured right is Steve Zick.

“Our clients are more familiar with offset quality, and many felt that the digital inkjet output provided by some platforms offered lesser-quality,” says Zick, “ With the Onset X2, we can offer them output they don’t immediately recognize as digital. Our sales team shows side-by-side comparisons (Onset X2 vs offset) to clients and they are amazed at the impressive output from this digital inkjet press. When it comes to print quality, nothing else compares to the Onset X2.”

Innovative Tier Drop technology delivered by Fujifilm Dimatix drop-on-demand printheads enables the Onset X series of presses to jet 11 – 14 – 17 picoliter droplet sizes to meet changing speed and quality needs.

“Nobody can surpass the quality we get from the 11 picoliter drop,” adds Long. “And using the large drop still provides outstanding quality, increases the speed, and allows us to control ink usage as well.”

Continues Zick, “With the previous equipment, purging of ink was more common than not in our facility. With the Onset X2 we don’t need to routinely purge so we are no longer dumping ink into the recycle bin, which positively affects our bottom line.”

With the Onset X2 in their line-up running three shifts per day, Innomark is now able to say yes to more jobs for existing clients, as well as for many new business opportunities. And with a choice of automation systems, including three-quarter or fully automated system, Innomark can increase throughput by reducing manual change-out of materials.

“The three-quarter automation was a must for our location,” said Zick. “We can manage high quantity jobs with very tight turnarounds, allowing us to be extremely competitive in our price-points.”

“We’ve had a long-time relationship with Fujifilm,” says Zick. “We’ve used Fujifilm offset plates for years, and their plates are rock-solid when it comes to quality and consistency. Fujifilm takes good care of us and always makes sure our needs are met.”

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