The link below highlights Fujifilm’s Print Technical Media Event conducted at Gilson Graphics, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Leading industry editors and analysts were in attendance to view the J Press 720 and 540W production ink jet devices from a print technical point of view, and also participated in a Q&A session with three of Gilson Graphic’s main customers – print buyers currently specifying the printing they purchase from Gilson Graphics to be produced on the Fujifilm J Press 720 and/or the 540W vs. the output devices and printing process Gilson also uses in production.

Appearing in the September issue of Inkjet’s Age, the article highlights several key points:

 –  Specific printing technology questions and the Fujifilm Intellectual Property

 –  Integrating the machines into a production environment

 –  Comparisons between electro-photographic devices; color and black and white production

 –  The benefits to Gilson Graphics as the press buyer, and the benefits to the print buyers

View the full article in Inkjet’s Age: