An invited list of 86 printers from across the United States and Canada attended the Second Annual Inkjet Summit at Ponte Vedra Inn and Lodge in Jacksonville, FL from April 7th through 9th. Fujifilm was a sponsor of the the Summit.

Representing the commercial print, direct mail, book printing and transactional segments, attendees were able to hear the latest trends in inkjet printing, attend case studies, listen to industry and customer panels, and network with other attendees to share perspectives on the benefits of inkjet printing compared to conventional printing and toner-based digital.

Three topics surfaced during the sessions as “top of mind” with most attendees:

What paper will print?
Paper printing characteristics were a hot topic as a perceived limitation of inkjet systems.Many printers prefer using their current paper stocks, of which many weights are currently not suited for inkjet. Paper companies in attendance presented their efforts to expand their portfolio of inkjet treated paper, and promised more development in this area was underway.

Can finishing be integrated?
Finishing systems integrated was voiced as a second concern with inkjet adoption. Many printers have in-line, near line and off line systems to support current print methods and need to address finishing as they investigate potential inkjet equipment options. Many systems will integrate, however there was considerable discussion on the pros and cons of utilizing in line versus off line systems to optimize efficiency and productivity.

What about workflow?
There were some discussions regarding workflow and variable data handling capabilities of inkjet systems. This was especially prevalent in the transactional segment. Clearly the attendees want to see more workflow and software integration with equipment systems in order to efficiently handle large volumes of variable data.