Innovative UV Flexo Inks

Leveraging our strengths in UV ink technologies and commitment to innovation, Fujifilm has developed a complete line of flexo and rotary screen ink ranges specifically for narrow to medium web printers. The performance and value of these products is complemented by unmatched systems and technical support enabling our customer partners to succeed.


Micro-V Dispersion Technology

Micro-V is a unique Fujifilm technology that breaks down pigment particles to smaller than a human cell, applies a dispersion coating that prevents pigment agglomeration, and adds a molecular stabilizing bonding agent to prevent gravitational settlement. The result is higher impact prints with stronger, more consistent and vibrant colors even on the most difficult spot color match requests.

Fujifilm Family of UV Flexo Inks

Fujifilm has developed a complete line of UV flexo inks to meet the specific needs of narrow to medium web printing technologies used for packaging.

Product Details

Fujifilm SLV Series could be the only ink you’ll ever need for UV applications. Works beautifully on all substrates – even shrink sleeve. Offers superb dot reproduction and maintains crisp print definition, sharp copy and clean reverses without the gain typical of water or solvent based flexo inks.
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Engineered to be the only white needed for non-shrink flexo applications. The advanced design enables the extreme opacity and smooth laydown of a rotary screen white while running at flexo speeds. Prints exceptional detail when used with fine line anilox volumes allowing it to be a one-ink for all flexo applications.
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The Fujifilm 800 Series Varnish line consists of many different clears designed for different applications and demands. The line includes a series of high gloss, matte, scuff resistant, super scuff resistant, chemical resistant, tactile, non-slip, velvet touch and imprintable varnishes; many with optical brightener options.
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Wine labels, envelopes and other porous stocks need Fujifilm 800 Series high gloss UV inks. Provides the flow, leveling properties and high gloss level needed for these absorbent paper substrates.
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The Fujifilm 850 Series UV flexo inks adhere to slick substrates others can’t. Specifically formulated for use with PET, PVC and other films and foils.
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The Fujifilm 300 Series UV flexo are designed for use with all common flexo substrates and offer the ability to cure under either traditional UV or LED lights with one ink.
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