Onset X3-C for the Corrugated Market

Inkjet has the power to transform the corrugated printing industry, with faster turnarounds, reduced waste and more profitable short runs.

UV inkjet is a technology that was pioneered by Fujifilm and Inca Digital, with the launch of the first dedicated flatbed system in 2001. Today Fujifilm’s wide format printing portfolio includes the most powerful inkjet printers in the industry, and it has combined this technology with its experience of supplying screen consumables to the corrugated market to create an inkjet solution for corrugated display and package printing.

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Meet and drive demand with digital technology

Rapid advances in inkjet technology continue to change the way print is produced and it is now a viable alternative to traditional processes in many wide format, packaging and industrial applications. A key factor in the growth of inkjet in these markets has been the ability to print with UV-curing inks, delivering incredible productivity, quality, application range and versatility.

By adopting Fujifilm inkjet technologies, you can meet changing demands from your customers and work with them to create new ways to differentiate themselves by offering a new way to print

UV Inkjet Printing

UV inkjet printing uses UV light to instantly cure the ink by polymerization after it has been jetted onto the material.

Fujifilm’s specially designed UV inks for corrugated printing on the Onset X series are Uvijet OL inks. Uvijet OL has been developed to decorate sheet-fed corrugated and display boards for applications such as free standing display units typically used for packaging and POP displays. It can also be used effectively on paper and display boards.

Uvijet Ink Package

This specially formulated ink system offers the following benefits:

  • The print is instantly dry and can be stacked or finished immediately
  • Prints can be cut, creased and folded without cracking
  • UV inkjet is a non-contact printing process, so it doesn’t damage the corrugated flutes
  • The finish is fully adjustable from satin to gloss
  • Standard stock materials can be used – there’s no need for expensive digital substrates
  • Excellent color coverage across a wide range of materials
  • Excellent color reproduction, with print-to-print consistency
  • No need for post-print over-varnishing or lamination. The cured UV ink film is a tough, durable polymer film which actually provides a protective layer for the board
Onset Corrugated short runs with cost reduction

Onset X3-C Solution

Not every corrugated print business is the same, so Fujifilm has designed a modular system for corrugated print production, consisting of three parts: printer, ink and media handling. Within each part there are multiple options, so the system can be tailored to meet your specific business needs.

Capable of printing in excess of 9,600 ft²/hour (180 beds/hour) with “R” printheads, the Onset X3 features three (3) CMYK ink channels plus the choice of white or orange. The Onset X3 sits at the pinnacle of productivity.

The Onset X3 uses Fujifilm Dimatix drop-on-demand printheads, which are perfect for the production of high volume, quality images onto a wide variety of media. The printheads jet a 14 picoliter drop size providing a good balance of quality and volume for the corrugated market..

Featuring a powerful vacuum system and a table skin designed for corrugated boards, the need for bed masking is eliminated, whatever the substrate size, and greatly reduces set-up times and increases throughput of short-run, fast-turnaround print. Vacuum zones are independently controlled and the auto zone function allows it to be easily managed by the operator.

Uvijet OL has been developed to decorate sheet-fed corrugated and display boards for applications such as free standing display units typically used for packaging and POP displays. It can also be used effectively on paper and display boards. Uvijet OL is not recommended for direct or indirect food packaging.
• Excellent flexibility on display and corrugated board
• Fast cure for high production output
• Very low print odor
• Adjustable print finish (satin – high gloss)
• 5 kg open top containers for ease of use
Increase the throughput of the Onset X3-C by reducing manual change out of materials with the optional 3/4 Automation system, fully-automated Hostert feed system or the fully-automated robotic handling system.

Onset’s handling system options can be configured to best suit your specific production environment, and an expert at Fujifilm can make a recommendation based on the specific applications. 

The Efficient Way To Produce Short Runs

Inkjet technology is ideal to complement flexo or offset processes in that it allows converters and packaging manufacturers to widen their business opportunities and profit from short run jobs and bespoke applications.

The most efficient way to produce short run print is to send a PDF to the press and print. This is how Fujifilm’s inkjet system operates, eliminating all the timely and costly preparation and set up parameters of an offset, screen or flexo press. There are no plates to produce, no platesetters or processors to maintain, no make readies, no run up to color, no waste sheets, and virtually no pressroom consumables.

Printed sheets can be handled immediately and print quality and consistency is guaranteed, with no on-press adjustments necessary.

Onset X3-C Technology & Specifications

Print Area: 126.8″ x 63″ (edge to edge printing)

Print Finish: variable, satin to gloss

Maximum Substrate Thickness: 1.8″ (46mm)

Space Required:  Manual – 49.3’ X 19.5’ (15.0 m x 5.9 m) (including space for exclusion zones, door opening and access) + Chiller
3/4 Automation – Long Edge – 47.6’ x 34.8’ (14.5 m x 10.6 m) + Materials Handling + Chiller
3/4 Automation – Short Edge – 55.8’ x 23.3’ (17 m x 7.1 m) + Materials Handling + Chiller
Hostert Automation (includes 10’ width for fork truck access) – Long Edge – 47.6’ x 37.7’ (14.5 m x 11.5 m) + Materials Handling + Chiller
Hostert Automation (includes 10’ width for fork truck access) – Short Edge – 55.8’ x 37.7’ (17 m x 11.5 m) + Materials Handling + Chiller
Robot Automation – Depends on needs and configuration

Uvijet OL has been specially developed for the Inca Onset flatbed printers and offers superb dot reproduction, bright colors and gloss. Uvijet OL has been formulated to deliver a finished print that is similar in odor to other non-UV print technologies used to print corrugated packaging.

Uvijet OL is available in the following colors: Cyan, Magenta (blue shade or yellow shade), Yellow, Black, Light Cyan and Light Magenta.

Caldera GrandRIP or ColorGATE Production Server


See how the Onset X3 has transformed the Edison Retail Solutions POP Display and Instore Retail Marketing business.

What The Experts Say

”We are excited to be able to offer a complete, profitable solution for digital corrugated printing. The Onset X3-C redefines the possibility of profitable short runs with fast turnarounds.”
Becky McConnell, Product Manager, Fujifilm