In a major UK first, Fujifilm has announced today that during drupa 2016 it signed a partnership deal with Essex-based pre-press experts, MPH Ltd.  The partnership will see this respected reprographic house, which provides prepress services to a wide range of customers in the packaging sector, join a growing number of customers from across the world who are turning to Fujifilm’s high-productivity, high-quality, Flenex FW water-washable plates. This technologically sophisticated solution offers users the combined benefits of increased up time; reduced environmental impact; proven performance in the field; quality without compromise, and lower cost in use.

Says MPH director Brian Cawdron: “Having seen the plate in action, and the multiple benefits it can bring to the business, we’re confident that Flenex FW will be a great fit for our customers, and we’re excited Fujifilm_Flenex FW plate_Imageto be able to add it to our portfolio. We’re a fast turnaround business, and our customers know and respect us for this, so we’re always interested in products that are going to help us to continue to deliver what our customers need, when they need it.

“Also important to us was the reduced environmental impact – even when compared with other water-washable plates, as Flenex washes clean in simple dishwashing detergent.”

The quality on offer with Flenex FW was a major consideration as well. Cawdron continues: “With Flenex FW, Fujifilm has some really innovative technology which allows a flat top dot effect to be achieved very simply. This results in noticeably cleaner and brighter print results which our customers will love.”

James Whitehead, Product Manager at Fujifilm UK explains further: “The plates contain a special rubber-based compound that offers a number of significant advantages over materials used in rival flexo plates. Crucially, as this compound is not oxygen sensitive, the effect of oxygen in the air on the dot shape is kept to an absolute minimum, meaning printers can achieve a 1% flat top dot without costly and complex oxygen elimination processes. This results in lower dot gain, while the superior ink transfer produces results of noticeably higher quality.”

Whitehead continues: “After a hugely successful drupa 2016 for Flenex FW, we’re delighted that such a respected name in the UK reprographic market has opted to become the UK trailblazer for this proven technology solution. We look forward to a long a successful partnership, from which MPH’s many customers will be the ultimate beneficiaries.”